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COVID-19: An update to our clients

Your health and safety and that of our staff is of paramount importance and in light of the recent announcement by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to close all non-essential business premises, our business offices in London, Guildford, Birmingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh will be closed from 26th March until further notice.

To ensure we can conduct business as usual in the event of an emergency, we have a fully tested and implemented business contingency plan in place. This is now fully operational and our staff are working from home, using the latest technology, on an ongoing basis. Whilst this is new to many of us, we are starting to see a number of advantages in this new way of working, including improving our communication efforts. We are using an excellent video meeting facility called Teams and we can, of course, use telephone and email in the normal way to stay in contact securely.
As I know you will appreciate and due to the physical closures, we can no longer receive post at any of our offices, therefore, we politely request you do not send in any correspondence, including cheques, via the Royal Mail postal system.

For clarity, please do not post any of the following items to any of our offices:
  • Cheques. We will not be able to process cheques, so please make any payments online via BACS.
  • Application or account opening forms.
  • Instructions, amendments or queries by letter.

If it is absolutely necessary to post an item that is not covered in the above - i.e. any original or certified documents such as a passport, bank statement or share certificate, then please contact your Planner in the usual way before doing so.

We have amended our terms and conditions to state that we will no longer accept cheques to be deposited to Portfolios and for the payment of charges. Please visit the website in order to read our revised terms and conditions.

Finally, we appreciate that the situation we now find ourselves in is unprecedented and, as a result, some of these changes may cause a level of unavoidable inconvenience. On that basis, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your cooperation and your ongoing support.

We are producing updates on a regular basis which are posted on our website www.puntersouthallwealth.com and distributed via email, which we hope you will find both helpful and reassuring.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us using the telephone, email details and contact forms detailed on our website and secure client portals.


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